Welded Wire Decking for Step Beam Storage Rack

  1. Wire Mesh Decking with 3-Step Support Channels

    • Dimensions: 44" x 46"

    • Features three robust step support channels for enhanced stability and durability

    • Designed for industrial applications, providing a reliable platform for various tasks.

  2. Heavy-Duty Wire Mesh Decking

    • Wire Mesh: 2.5" x 4.5" with 5.5mm wire

    • Engineered with a sturdy wire mesh structure, ensuring strength and durability.

    • Ideal for supporting heavy loads in warehouse and storage environments.

  3. High-Capacity Industrial Decking

    • Capacity: 3,000lbs

    • Boasts a substantial weight-bearing capacity, making it suitable for handling heavy loads with ease.

    • Ideal for industrial settings where high-capacity storage solutions are essential.

  4. Galvanized or Powder Coated Finish Decking

    • Choose between a corrosion-resistant galvanized finish or a sleek powder-coated finish.

    • Provides long-lasting protection against environmental elements, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

  5. Cost-Effective and Superior to Wooden Decks

    • Offers a more economical alternative to traditional wooden decks.

    • Boasts superior strength, making it a cost-effective and durable choice for industrial storage solutions.

  6. Easy Installation Decking System

    • Simple installation process: effortlessly drops into place with no fastening required.

    • Saves time and effort during setup, ensuring a quick and efficient installation process.

  7. Enhanced Inventory Identification

    • Facilitates easy identification of stored inventory.

    • Enables efficient inventory management and retrieval processes in warehouse environments.

  8. Improved Housekeeping Decking

    • Contributes to a cleaner and more organized workspace.

    • Reduces clutter and promotes a safer work environment by enhancing overall housekeeping.

  9. Environmentally Friendly Industrial Solution

    • Crafted with environmentally conscious materials and manufacturing processes.

    • Aligns with sustainability goals, providing an eco-friendly solution for industrial storage needs.

  10. Enhanced Lighting and Ventilation

    • Allows for better lighting and ventilation in the workplace.

    • Optimizes the working environment by improving visibility and air circulation.

  11. Reduced Fire Hazard Decking

    • Minimizes the risk of fire hazards in storage areas.

    • Constructed with materials that are less susceptible to combustion, enhancing overall safety.

  12. Customization to Your Specifications

    • Tailored to meet specific requirements and dimensions.

    • Provides a customizable solution to accommodate unique industrial storage needs.

  13. Durable and Maintenance-Free Decking

    • Built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, ensuring long-term durability.

    • Requires minimal maintenance, contributing to a hassle-free and reliable storage solution.