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Pallet Racking


Pallet Racking stands as the pinnacle of adjustable pallet racking systems in the industry, offering unparalleled adaptability. With configurations reaching up to 30 meters and variable widths and depths, it not only complies with European standards but also delivers efficient and flexible solutions tailored to diverse storage needs.

A comprehensive array of accessories enhances its versatility, catering to various storage methods, including standard pallet storage, high-bay racks, drive-in racks, or narrow-aisle, high-bay racks.

Key Standard Features:

  1. Optimal Customization: Accommodate specific needs with a wide range of widths, depths, and heights.

  2. High Stability: Reach new heights with rack configurations of up to 30 meters and impressive bay loads exceeding 30 tons.

  3. Extensive Accessory Range: Enhance functionality with beams, angle supports, shelf bases, and a multitude of safety features.

  4. Future-Proofed Design: Modular construction and adjustable bay sizes ensure adaptability to evolving storage requirements.

Product Specifications:

Standard Dimensions:

  • Depth: Up to 2000mm

  • Length: Up to 5000mm

  • Height: Up to 30000mm


  • Load per Level: Up to 5000kg

  • Load per Bay: Up to 30000kg


  • Uprights: Pre-galvanized

  • Beams: Pre-galvanized or Painted

  • Accessories: Pre-galvanized or Painted

Whether it's maximizing customization, ensuring stability, or preparing for future growth, our Pallet Racking system delivers a reliable and adaptable solution for all your storage requirements.