Four Way Radio Shuttle System



The Four-Way Radio Shuttle System represents a comprehensive solution for cargo location management (WMS) and equipment dispatching capability (WCS), ensuring the stable and efficient operation of the entire system. To eliminate delays caused by the operation of the radio shuttle and elevator, a buffer conveyor line has been strategically incorporated between the elevator and the rack. Both the radio shuttle and elevator seamlessly transfer pallets to the buffer conveyor line, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

This innovative Four-Way Radio Shuttle System is highly adaptable to diverse application environments, such as low warehouses and irregular shapes. It excels in meeting operational demands characterized by substantial variations in inbound and outbound efficiency, as well as high efficiency requirements. The system's flexibility allows for seamless project expansion and equipment additions, facilitating batch online deployment and alleviating customer investment pressure.

System Advantages:

  1. Standardized Management Process and Streamlined Operations:

    • The system establishes a standardized management process, simplifying overall operations for enhanced efficiency.

  2. Precise Material Inventory Management through Computerization:

    • Utilizing computer-based management, the system maintains clear material inventory accounts and ensures accurate material storage locations.

  3. Scientific Coding and Comprehensive Material and Container Management:

    • The system employs a scientific coding approach, effectively managing codes for materials and containers.

  4. Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency with Code Scanning for Entry and Exit:

    • All entry and exit processes involve code scanning, significantly improving the accuracy and efficiency of operations.

  5. Advanced Inventory Management Features:

    • Users can query material information and storage locations for effective inventory management.

    • Terminal functionality allows direct material selection for inventory purposes and adjustments.

  6. Comprehensive Log Management:

    • The system records all operations, providing a detailed log that serves as evidence for tracking work activities.

  7. User and Authority Management:

    • User roles are defined to limit operational scope, facilitating effective management and ensuring security.

  8. Real-Time Sharing and Management of Storage Material Data:

    • The system enables real-time sharing and management of storage material data.

    • Customized report outputs, including daily, weekly, and monthly reports, can be generated and exported for analysis and documentation purposes.