About us
Siloam Material Handling was established in 2007,our product range includes a variety of pallet racking options, versatile shelving solutions, and cutting-edge storage systems tailored to meet diverse industry requirements. Our company's commitment to quality extends to the entire lifecycle of its products, from production to installation, ensuring that clients receive durable and reliable storage solutions. Driven by a customer-centric approach, Siloam Material Handling places great emphasis on providing excellent service and support. Our company's team of professionals is dedicated to assisting clients in selecting the most suitable storage solutions for their specific needs, and their commitment to after-sales service ensures long-term satisfaction. In the dynamic landscape of material handling, Siloam Material Handling Co., Ltd. stands out as a beacon of quality, innovation, and reliability, contributing significantly to the efficiency and success of warehouses and logistics operations worldwide.

Production Capabilities

Nestled within a vast 33,000 square meter facility, of which 20,000 square meters are dedicated to construction, our state-of-the-art manufacturing hub boasts specialized Rolling Forming and Power Coating production lines. These cutting-edge facilities are complemented by an arsenal of over 100 sets of primary production machinery, empowering us with the capacity to churn out a staggering 40,000 tons of high-quality products annually.

At the core of our operations lies a meticulously planned and executed process, meticulously adhering to ISO9001 standards every step of the way. From initial design conceptualization to raw material procurement, through to the precise stages of production, stringent quality control measures are ingrained into our workflow. We ensure seamless installation and stand by our products with unwavering after-service support.

Every corner of our facility hums with efficiency and precision, driven by a commitment to excellence. With a keen eye on innovation and customer satisfaction, we continuously refine our processes to meet the evolving demands of the industry. From the moment raw materials enter our gates to the final dispatch of finished goods, our dedication to quality craftsmanship and adherence to international standards shines through, cementing our position as a trusted leader in the manufacturing landscape.