Pallet Flow Racking


Pallet Flow Racking, also known as 'Pallet Live Storage,' is an optimal solution for businesses employing a First-in, First-out (FIFO) goods storage approach. This innovative system facilitates space efficiency, allowing you to utilize up to 60% less floor space compared to traditional pallet racking systems.

Our Pallet Flow system presents a dynamic storage solution featuring integrated conveyor modules tailored to accommodate various pallet types and sizes. Particularly well-suited for applications in the drinks industry or as a buffer storage facility in manufacturing, this system ensures seamless pallet movement.

Pallets glide effortlessly on full-width or twin-track rollers within the system. As the front pallet is extracted from the front side of the rack, the rear pallet remains securely in place. The entire process is characterized by safe and smooth pallet movement, attributed to automatic braking mechanisms and a combined load guide and end stop unit.

Key features and benefits of Pallet Flow Racking include:

  1. Dedicated load and retrieval, requiring only two forklift truck aisles.

  2. Significant space savings – up to 60% less floor space than conventional pallet racking.

  3. FIFO operation ensures automatic stock rotation.

  4. Enhanced warehouse picking speeds, promoting faster and more efficient operations.

Product Specifications:


  • 1000mm (1 lane)

  • 2000mm (2 lanes)

  • 3600mm (3 lanes)

  • Block Height: Up to 13500mm

  • Channel Depth: Up to 15 pallets deep


  • Pallet Weight: Up to 1500kg


  • Uprights: Pre-galvanized

  • Beams: Pre-galvanized or painted

  • Accessories: Pre-galvanized or painted

Custom dimensions can be accommodated based on your specific requirements. For more information on available systems in your country, please make your selection accordingly.